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What We Do

A&W Medical Liens is a company that has garnered over 25 years experience in the personal injury and workers compensation industry. Guided by this vast experience and expertise, we strive to set ourselves apart and exceed your expectations with our exemplary customer service and dedication to superior quality.

A&W Medical Liens is a marketing company that focuses on specialty physicians who accept liens on personal injury & workers compensation cases. We provide a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house marketing in order to increase your business. A&W Medical Liens offers a very high level of practical experience, contacts, and customer service.

Our team of marketers will canvas the southern California area, reaching out to all of the personal injury and workers compensation attorneys, thus generating new business for your office. And the good news is, as we grow, so will you!

When you choose A&W Medical Liens, you instantly belong to a network of diverse doctors and specialists. To ensure that your name gets out to thousands of attorneys, we only hire one specialist for each area. This approach ensures that you reach the vast majority of law offices while still saving you time and money.

Adam Berman


Adam Berman is the Founder, Owner and Vice President of A&W Medical Liens. A 25 year veteran of the industry, Adam has earned his recognition as a well-respected leader and as an industry pioneer. His invaluable expertise amongst attorneys and doctors is second to none. As the industry has evolved over the past 25 years, it has failed to deliver innovation. Adam recognized this problem, which is why he created A&W Medical Liens, a company designed to consistently deliver its attorneys more choices, higher quality and most importantly, unmatched value based on convenience and ease of use. Adam insists upon the highest level of customer service and dedication. To that end, he has assembled a dynamic team of individuals with an array of strengths and skills to deliver a better overall experience for attorneys and doctors alike.

Jennifer Wade

Sales & Marketing

Jennifer Wade is our Marketing and Sales representative in Orange County. Jennifer has a strong background in communications. She graduated from Cal State University of Long Beach in 2000. Jennifer has excellent communication and relationship building skills. She is dedicated to building solid relationships with her clients and delivering the best customer service possible.

Matt Hoderland


Matthew Hoderland is our marketing specialist in the Los Angeles area. He has a strong background in psychology, business and interpersonal communications. Matt strives to take customer service to another level, making business relationships permanent with guarantees he can stand behind. Coming from a family with a strong military background, Matt's not only enthusiastic to help, but driven and morally dedicated to his clients thanks to those traditions that unite, encourage, and inspire.

Leah Berman


Leah Berman is our Marketing representative in the San Fernando Valley. Since graduating from high school in 1979, her career path has taken a number of turns, but the common denominator has always been her love of customer service. She has worked in management. She is an entrepreneur that opened the first ever salon & day spa in Simi Valley. But most notably, Leah comes from a family that is entrenched in the field of law. With a mother that has been a successful Legal Negotiator in Southern CA for over 30 years, an aunt that is a judge, a grandmother that is an attorney and a handful of cousins that are personal injury and worker's compensation attorneys, she is very comfortable and well-suited for this industry. Leah's welcoming smile and willingness to help, make her a joy to work with. She is eager to impress you with her phenomenal customer service and attention to detail.

Catherine Goldman

Sales & Marketing

Catherine Goldman is our Sales and Marketing representative in Riverside and San Bernardino. She has been a veteran of this industry for the past 20 years, having worked for Family Medical Group as one of their top marketing representatives. Catherine firmly believes that great customer service is the cornerstone of any successful business. With that goal in mind, she has dedicated herself to creating and maintaining excellent working relationships. With a bright, cheery personality, you will immediately be drawn to her warm and friendly demeanor. Sincere, honest and trustworthy, Catherine will work hard to make sure that her clients needs are always met with a welcoming smile.